Saturday, August 1, 2009

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I'm not going to even apologize for the non-existant entries. After I discovered my free picture hosting site is out of business unless I want to update and actually have to PAY money for it, I had to find the time to look for another free space. So here we go....



Bluebell, aka "Bluebeast", is now 14 months old. She is still cute in an odd giant-like way. She attacks the boys' feet to tear off their flip flops, she still eats socks like they are candy, enjoys ripping a plant or wo out of their pots, and a beach towel can be shredded in under 30 minutes. Despite this, we love her. But the girl needs some BFF time.

Today we went back to the animal shelter in Camden to see how the beast would interact with a sweet looking dog we saw the night before. The usual sniffing ensued and we decided he was a keeper. Well, Bluebell has bossed the poor fellow around all day. Any time he moves... she moves, tries to eat...she eats his food, she takes the fetch toy away from him (it's not even her old toy or anything, I bought it today), doesn't play with it, but lays on it. The poor guy can't catch a break. But I must say I was impressed that she has not once barked at him all day. He has held his ground in the "love dance" to see who the new Alpha Dog is. I don't think he's going to win (he's 40 pounds lighter than her), but what man ever does?????


Now it all comes down to NAME THAT DOG - 2009. This is version 2 because last year we had the e-mail vote to see what Bluebell's name would be...and I won....

A little about our new addition...this fine looking fellow is of Camden pound decent (we think he may have some greyhound in him), 40+ pounds, approximately 9 months old. (I REALLY hope he is that or older b/c that would not be nice to find out he will be even bigger than Blue and that means lots of giant poop to shovel up). He enjoys people, kids, and for some reason we think he was an inside dog in his former life, probably because he goes to our side door and stares at it. He even handled getting shocked by the shock collar very nicely, the poor guy yakked on the grass. But he figured the set-up out quickly though!



Similar to last year's contest, several names have been pre-selected. Please choose one of the following names that were generated by the boys, myself and Rodney.

Lenny (don't ask)
or keep it what the shelter already named it...Dylan

Voting will cease at Monday 3pm. Sorry, I can't keep calling him "Here Boy" forever!
Please vote by leaving your chosen name in the comments section. You do not have to sign up for anything, just comment under "name" or anonymous.

Good luck, and may your dog name win!


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