Thursday, July 10, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Is That A Dead Body Or A Cooter?

First of all, thanks if you have managed to come back to our blog. Next, after reading the title of this entry you're probably wondering....what the ?????????

Let me back up a bit. We have finally moved into our new house. In my opinion I live in the middle of nowhere. This coming from me, who grew up in NJ where one town just runs into another town, and into another and another , etc.... When I brought Rodney up to NJ for one of his early visits, he went for a run. When he came back and explained where he ran, he was amazed when I told him he almost ran through 3 towns (small towns that is).

Anyway, now I worry a bit if he goes and decides to run for fear some nutcase in a beat up ole' pick-up truck may run him over and leave him for dead on the side of the road. Well, what else would run through my mind one rainy afternoon as I look out the window and see 2 parked cars. One blocking the end of my driveway and another a little farther back. There is a man and a woman in the road. They keep running around in circles and take turns diving into the ditch across the street.. It's woods. It's in the middle of nowhere. What a great place to dump a body and then truck on out of there. They walk back to the car blocking the driveway, mess around with the trunk, and shut it.

Rodney makes his way home from my in-laws next door. I tell him to go see what the deal is. And bring a bat.....or at least an umbrella in case he has to beat someone with it.... He goes out talks with the people and the trunk flies open. The man fumbles around and heaves this large object on the grass. The man and woman hop in their cars and hurriedly turn around and go back the way they came.Rodney walks over to the object, pokes it with his foot and comes back towards the house.

I'm as blind as a bat so I have no idea what is on the lawn. He comes back with a huge smile on his face and the story goes like this........

Me: "Should I call the cops?"

Rodney: "I asked them what they were doing. If they needed some kind of help or something. They said, Nah.., we were just trying to get this here cooter we saw in the road. We were gonna make some cooter stew. Ya ever have that? They make the best kind of eatin."

You're not alone if you think "cooter" is some type of obscenity. When I first heard the term, I thought so too. The first time I heard it, it came out f Rodney's grandmother's mouth as we passed a sign for a "Cooter Festival" on the way to Georgia. A "cooter" is a southern term for a turtle. What else did you think it was?

Me: "What did they throw on the ground?"

Rodney: " The turtle. The man said he forgot the recipe so he better throw it back out." this a third world country where the economy is THAT bad that we're down to eating turtles!!!!!

Me: "Where is it now?"

Rodney: "It waddled into the creek. Hey, go get the kids so they can see it."

So, here go my kids with umbrellas and barefeet to go find the turtle in the creek. By the time they got there it was gone.

A week ago we had our driveway concreted. Rodney went out to talk with some of the workers and what did they ask......"Hey, do you have any of those Alligator Cooters around? They make some good eatin."

Only in the South.

If you have a minute, leave me a comment. Do you like this site so far, should I have just kept the Caringbridge? Let me know!



Angela M. said...

Hey Tina!!
I LOVE your site. It makes me realize what a boring writer I am and what a GREAT one you are! I love it, love it. Keep writing.

I hope you're enjoying your summer as much as I am mine!! We leave for our cruise on Monday and I CANNOT wait!

:) Angela McCall

rbonnevi said...

I ain't never had no cooter before. Now that the Summers have moved in I know were to get some.

Jenn Ward said...

Hey, glad you found my blog. This is the first I have heard about cooter in our neck of the woods but not so suprised. Your house is beautiful by the way. Welcome to Elgin "Home of the Cooter". Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Jamie Carnaggio said...

I will never forget....The Horry county Cooter Festival......HaHa! We should try to go back to Edisto or Holden Beach sometime....those were the days......

Andrea Derrick said...

Too funny! This is the quintessential only-in-the-south story I both love and hate ... love because it's hysterical and hate because every non-southerner in the country thinks all of us down here eat cooter soup. I ain't never ate no cooter.

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