Monday, December 22, 2008

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Happy holidays, 4 months after I posted last. But, did you expect anything else based on my previous blog habits? I wanted to update you on all of the items Bluebell has destroyed since that last cute adorable little puppy pictures. The beast is now 71 pounds and 7 months old. She has eaten more than I can remember, with the latest being 5 outdoor seat cushions, 2 mini palm trees and 2 sets of outdoor Christmas lights while they were plugged in. I also had photos of the destruction, hey why not document it, maybe I can say a burglar did it and use it as proof for insurance. Again, I had photos but dear Rodney decided to take my camera to the Shrine Bowl and delete my photos of this and talking with Santa, he could take ones of football. Thanks..........

So in the holiday spirit, I have a request for Santa, because I so love everyone in the world and their thoughtful holiday actions.

Dear Santa,

I try to be a decent human being, really Santa I do, but I truly want you to rethink your gift idea for the wonderful person in the Belk parking lot last weekend. Santa, I tried to park way at the end of the aisles, yes, it was in the front, but it was the last aisle. No one was near me, I still had to walk a little bit. But Santa, when I got out of the store I didn't get the full surprise until I tried to get in my car and pull away. It didn't bother me that when I had returned to my car that there were now people parked all around me, nah.........It wasn't even the fact that if I had had my kids with me they would only have been able to get in one side of the car, nah.......... But holy reindeer, a big ole' P.O.'ed thanks to the moron who parked behind me and then took up a space and a half. A space and a half to where when I attempted to back up I couldn't because they have now ruined the physics of parking spaces where they are a tad off from the ones across from them so PEOPLE CAN BACK UP!!!!!! Santa I even made an idiot of myself and backed up as far as I could and got out of the car to see how much room I had, which was none. To make matters worse, this thoughtful driver had a handicap sign in their window.

Okay Santa, I know you're thinking I'm evil making a big deal out of this, especially since the person was handicapped, but hey Santa, I was about 2 minutes shy of walking back into Belk and asking them to page the little old lady in the walker who can't drive to please come move her car. I understand how some handicapped vehicles, especially vans, need to take up more than one space b/c other idiots then park right on top of them and they can't open their van doors for the lift to come down (I know this firsthand from my father-in-law who is in a wheelchair by the way). But Santa, not only did they take up more than 1 spot, but they also parked with a 1/3 of their car still out in the middle of the aisle. This was also not a car I would picture someone handicapped driving around. It was a huge brand new shiny Cadillac or Chrysller (sp?) or something like that.

Santa, I kept my cool in that car for 15 minutes waiting for someone besides me to come and leave so I could turn enough, or for the dear person in front of me to leave so I could pull forward. Finally the lady beside me came back and I could depart, but it ruined my shopping spirit and I only had time to grocery shop. I know Santa, petty little things in this big terrible world, but gee Santa, they really ticked me off.

Please give them a flat tire for Christmas, but not if the real handicapped person is in the car. I'm not that mean.

Oh yeah Santa, please ignore the 2 page letter from Bryce outlining the 20 Wii and DS games he wants for Christmas. Despite his assuring me that you don't pay anything for the toys, I on the other hand would have to shell out about $800 to buy all of his gaming needs.

One more thing, watch out for Bluebell, she might scratch up your sleigh by jumping on it like she did my car. Oh yes, you do see that she is wearing 2 shock collars that do not phase her in the least despite the fact they are both on the highest setting. It does shock me by the price the 2 shock collars cost. Bluebell, you are getting a nice new hunting shock collar for Christmas called "Stubborn Dog".



Kristie said...

I'm not saying a word ... I'm the blogger who publicly commented on how much I hate crabby cashiers during the holiday season and I got hate e-mail ..... I'm not about to come down on crappy drivers, too. :)

Glad to her Bryce is doing well --- thanks for signing into my blog!

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