Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Bryce's Bathrooms Across America Part II

Oh, the glamorous places we stop at. Only made a total of 3 restroom stops during the 9 hour trip. Not too bad, but some of the places we stopped at were...

Georgia Interstate Rest Area (Around Exit 38)
Rating: 2
I walked Bryce to this bathroom while Vance sat in the car with the baseball bat. Yes, I brought one of Vance's baseball bats to whack the snot out of any crazed person who might attempt to take over my vehicle. When he got out he reported...Mom, there was a guy in there BRUSHING HIS TEETH IN THE NASTY SINK.
Me: Well, he could have been a trucker and was just cleaning up.
Bryce: Well, maybe. Some other guy was in there wetting and combing his hair. The toilets were rusty and gross. I should have went in the woods.

Well...that almost happened.

Cracker Barrel - Georgia I-95 Exit 36A - Yeah 2 Exits down from the rest stop
Rating: 7

Bryce: It was pretty good, although what's the deal with the toilet paper dispenser thingy. It was so low, I had to reach way over to reach it. Every time I reached over to get the TP, it automatically courtesy flushed on me 2 times!!

Blanton Express Citgo - In the middle of nowhere Florida
Rating - a surprising 8

Bryce woke up from his coma sleep and immediately said he had to go to the bathroom. Oh come on, really?? We were at the point where the exits weren't easy on and off the interstate restrooms. The sign said 0.7 miles. It was way longer than that. Nothing town like in sight. I asked if he could please just go on the side of the road and he insisted he really needed a real bathroom. Ugh... I told him he has 30 seconds and if the gas station didn't show up we were turning around and of course at the last second, there it is. It was looking really scary. Completely rundown looking, very back woods. Not quite Deliverance, but close. We pull up. The 2 employees are standing outside the entrance talking. The only 2 cars there. I sent him in alone.....I know, that was probably bad, but I was annoyed and tired and fed up with total random downpours to drive through every 30 minutes. I watched the woman employee walk in for a moment and come back out and talk to the other employee. I was ready to jump out with the bat if needed. I was about to send in Vance and out comes Bryce smiling and gets in the car.
Me: Well, everything okay?
Bryce: Awesome, that place was an 8. It was so clean, it smelled like Pinesol. Believe it or not they had a hand air dryer (guess that is a top priority). I was really surprised when the toilet flushed easily.
Me: Why was it an 8 then?
Bryce: On the wall it said "Bleep you".
Me: Bleep you?
Bryce: You know what I mean. A curse word, like your car talk.
Me: Oh, great. (Then I notice he has 2 suckers in his hand.)
How did you get money to pay for those?
Bryce: Oh, I didn't buy them. The lady gave them to me. She said she only gives them to the kids she really likes.

Banjo music starts to play........


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